Jumper's New T20 Radio Transmitter Packs a Powerful ELRS Punch

RC enthusiasts, rejoice! Jumper-RC has unveiled an exciting new addition to their transmitter lineup that is sure to turn heads. The eagerly anticipated Jumper T20 packs a ton of pro-level features into a full-size radio perfect for pilots of all skill levels.

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Hi Alex, I just finished watching Kai Vertigoh’'s “How to Start Flying FPV Drones in 2023” video which was very informative, Im at the stage of buying my first controller (and Liftoff!) Would this controller be suitable for a beginner? I really like the aesthetics and want to get something good quality which will be useable for simulators and real-world when it comes to it. I noticed its mentioned that this would connect to PC via Micro USB, however would need profiles setup on the controller, is this a difficult step? Thank you!

Hey @Zurizon and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I would say that on paper its a excellent radio, but given Jumpers track record of poor after sales service, and sometimes questionable build quality it may be a good idea to hold back to see some more reviews before you buy one. I myself am excited about this radio but have some reservations to recommend it based on jumpers support at the moment. Hopefully in the future this is something they can improve!

But as a beginner you may want to rather go for something similar as Radiomaster has recently released the Pocket radio, which is very similar (but at least you know you will get good support from radiomaster team).

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Thanks Alex! That’s really helpful, I notice that most controllers come with two (frequency?) options; ELRS (915MHz/2.4GHz) for the Jumper radio, and ELRS (2.4GHz/CC2500?) for the radiomaster one. Is there a preferred option when getting started? Sorry for the basic questions, there’s just lots of information to take in and I want to make sure I spend my money wisely :smiley:

No problem, this hobby has a load of info and I remember how confusing it all was when I started, so happy to offer some advice if I can.

The frequency is just that, one or more bands that the radio operates on. 915mhz is better at longer range, but 2.4Ghz is abit more universal (as its used on most small drones etc)…

The main thing to care about here is that if you go for a 2.4Ghz ELRS system, you also need to use a 2.4Ghz receiver, and same for 915, or 868mhz.

As for the radiomaster, 2.4Ghz an CC2500 are actualy slightly confusing here, as if you are referring to our product page, we are reffering to the radio transmitter module in the radio itself, as there are two options.

The 2.4Ghz one is an ELRS module, and the CC2500 is actualy a different module not compatible with ELRS, but rather some other older radio control protocols such as Frsky, and Futaba SFHSS. Its runs yet another open source radio firmware which you can learn about (or confuse yourself with at first) here - pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module: Multiprotocol TX Module (or MULTI-Module) is a 2.4GHz transmitter module which controls many different receivers and models. (github.com)

In general, if you are unsure, for now I would say just go with ELRS as I think overall its becoming more and more the default protocol to use on FPV drones.

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Thanks Alex, that’s very helpful! Will have a read and nosey on your store, your help is greatly appreciated!