Jumper T18 - 5 in 1 Multiprotocol and Multifrequency radio

After the immense success of the Jumper T16 radio, we now have a worthy successor to get excited about… introducing the Jumper T18. The standout feature of this radio is it now includes a 5in1 Multiprotocol module (T16 uses a 4in1). And the extra protocol added is on an entirely different frequency for long range (915Mhz / 868 Mhz*). - 868Mhz is yet to be confirmed but I will update this post once we get the confirmation from Jumper.

Key Features (that we know so far)

  • 480x272 IPS touch screen
  • Hall sensor gimbals
  • JP5in1 module (with 2.4Ghz and 915MHz with Frsky R9 flex support) - I imagine it will also support 868MHz for us in the EU.
  • OpenTX firmware

JP5IN1 is the same old module running same old open source firmware, it just adds a new chip to the existing 4 (that’s 5 in the name, 5th chip is SX1276 LoRa) which lets it transmit 900ish MHz. The firmware has had support for R9 on both 915 and 868 MHz since March 31st. Not sure what version of multi firmware the radio will ship with, but worst case scenario 868MHz R9 is gonna be a firmware update away.

The same chip is used in Crossfire transmitters btw… :crossed_fingers: