Jumper T16 pro SD card problems

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem when I load the T16 2.3 SD version( from the jumper website ) on to the T16 transmitter. I have tried a couple of times and keep on getting this message when I try to flash the same version firmware. I have also lost the joy stick animations on the calibration screen
Can you please help me as I have run out of ideas. Thank you

I’m also having major problems with the SD Card, but I’m getting “Storage Warning - Bad Radio Data”
Your above issue is likely caused by not copying the firmware bin file into the Firmware directory on the SD card or the SD card can’t be read by the T16 Pro.
When you plug the T16 into your computer after you’ve put it into firmware update mode, you should get two drives, one with the firmware bin files, the other with the directory structure (see below). If you’r not seeing the directory structure, then you need to copy the files across to the SD card.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Just to let all you T16 users aware, my Taranis x9 working great still. have to admit though nice radio.

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Me too - keeping it as my primary radio until I find a decent replacement!

Gee thanks guys.Not really helping:~)

This is what Oscar Liang told me to do and it worked.:smile:
I am going to help you here.
you sent me a screenshot of your SD card directory, which only shows 3 folders. You should have 10+ folders there.
I think you might have copied the SD card content wrong
From the file you downloaded from the T16 website - “t16-sd2.3v0020.zip”
unzip this file, go into the “T16-SD2.3V0020” folder, here you should see this:

[Image: CKRZ9AOl.png]

Now copy everything here directly to the root directory of your SD card