T16 SD card warning

SD card warning

Just got my T16, and I started with updating the firmware to T16-2.3.0. But got a SD warning at startup. After updating the SD card with T16-SD2.3V0020, I still get the SD warning, expecting just that SD card version. I tried to go back to SD card version T16-SD2.2V0018 and flash the firmware with T16-2.2.3, but also now I get a SD card warning at startup! So no matter what I do, I get a SD card warning at startup, expecting SD card version witch is already there!?
I have checked the SD card for hidden files, I also format the SD card before installing the folders. Can not find a text file in the SD folders either, telling me what version of SD content that is on the card.
What am i doing wrong here?