Is motor arming necessary?

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been on DroneTrest for a while.

Anyway, I’ve been testing my parts, and so far the quad is looking good. But during my part tests (I have one test for each component to see if it works) I noticed my motor was just twitching. I searched online and found that he had the same ESC (HW30A XXD). We had the same setup, using Arduino as FC. In his code, he did some stuff with PWM to arm his motor.

Now I’m wondering if that is necessary, because when I tested my motors months ago, it spun for a second then twitched then spun again. In this recent one, though, I think the motor doesn’t want to spin because of some foam I put for vibration damping. The very center bottom is blocked I believe. The code for my test was the same as the old test. I didn’t “arm” from what I can recall

Most ESC have a built in safety measure that will not activate the motor untill it gets a valid pwm signal and also one that is low enough. As you don’t want your motor suddenly turning on to max throttle with a spinning propeller next to your face! :ambulance:

I say yes definitely! I recently finished my first FPV type racer (250mm), my first impression was that thing is dangerous. I quickly made sure I activated the motor arming. Yikes