Hubsan 501s Issues

I have now got a second Hubsan 501s, I returned the original one due to various problems, most especially a camera non recording issue.

This quad comes in two colours: black and white. The first one I had was a black model. The one I have now is the white model. Both came with the standard TX, not the advanced TX.

Having taken the white quad for about 20 flights, I would report the following:

It flies fine apart from: headless mode does not work at all. This doesn’t unduly worry me, because I don’t fly in headless, but it would be reassuring if it did, in case of disorientation at distance.
The headless mode is supposed to come on and go off in response to pressing the throttle stick (mode 2)

Several youtubers maintain that:

  1. Far more problems seem to occur with the black model. They say this is because the white model is for the European market and quality control is higher. I don’t know whether or not this is true, or whether its a case of more reported problems with the black model, simply because there is more of them.

  2. The advanced TX is far more prone to problems than the standard.