How to reset BetaFlight OSD? Showing strange characters and symbols, and font on screen?

I was able to Install my new FC today on my quad (Diatone Fury F3) , but i have the following problem:

  1. I connect the lipo to the copter (my goggles are powered up)
  2. I see the video from the camera perfectly fine in the goggles. (Without OSD)
  3. The FC boots and makes beeping sounds.
  4. I See the video feed again but with a weird OSD with loads of random chacters displayed.

Any suggestions?

We have had this issue before and 99% certain hat its just a setting issue, what you need to do is reset your font cache on the OSD chip… do that you need to do the following:

  1. Plug the Lipo
  2. Plug the flight controller to a configurator (Betaflight)
  3. Go to OSD tab
  4. Click on « Font Manager » in the bottom write corner
  5. Select the desired Font and click « Upload Font »

Once you have tried that it should display correctly :slight_smile:

Update: IF you still have the same issue after updating the fonts, make sure the FC is powered via Lipo, as sometimes the USB cant provide enough power for the OSD module.

Thanks a lot! OSD works now perfectly!