Can't Change OSD font on Omnibus F4 Pro

I’ve tried to change the OSD font on INav (and Betaflight) but it uploads the font, then reboots the FC and hasn’t changed it, this is using different PC’s, different fonts, and everything disconnected apart from the Usb.

I get an “Unrecoverable failure of serial connection, disconnecting…” in the log, then it reboots.

Anyone else having such problems?

Anyone else tried this? If so, success or failure?

I finally tried it with my FPV goggles - and the font had been changed!
It’s just that it doesn’t get reflected in the INav configurator (plus the strange reboot).

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, but at least you managed to get it working. So its just that iNav does not update its GUI to reflect the font you are using?

Yep - as far as I can see.