How to make quadcopter using arduino

hello…everyone. i am final year student. i want to do a transforming quadcopter using arduino board. that means an RC car combined with quadcopter. it has to change its mode from car to fly when we send the commands. my team is very passionaated towards the project.
firstly i want to know the basic quadcopter flying. how to calculate the thrust and all. " how to write the logic in arduino". please help me, i dont know how to write and send commands. i have 2 months time to submit it…i will be waiting for help

Isnt the entire point of being a student is to learn how to do the project yourself and not get someone else to do it for you?

I will be happy to help but cant tell you how to do everything from scratch as that is an entire course on its own. My suggestion would be to start by looking at the aeroquad project as its based off arduino and they have all the open source code available on github. You could also look at ardupilot as the APM 2.6 board is based off arduino and all the code is also open source.