How to DIY a gimbal lock for Phantom3?

Hi, I recently bought a used Phantom 3 Standard. Unfortunately it didn’t had a gimbal lock with it, so I wonder maybe someone have any suggestions how to DIY one at least temporarily because ordering one would take 1+ week and i’ll need the drone in couple of days and it’s quite a long and bumpy trip so I want my gimbal to be safe.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

This is where a 3d printer would be helpful, we have one but I guess you are not in the UK so postage would prob take a while anyways.

The other solution would to just get some foam/bubble wrap to make sure the gimbal does not wobble around too much as you are traveling. I guess worst case you could just use some clothes to secure it as it’s the big bumps that can cause the IMU on the gimbal to get out of calibration. But if your gimbal is not level you can just recalibrate it :slight_smile: