How do i get my Reciver to turn on when usb cable is connected (Emax Mini magnum 2 stack)

Hi, i want to practice my flying in a sim. I used to control the sim thru my fc using a vjoy driver, but for that to work the reciever needs to be turned on with the voltage that the usb delivers.
I cant get my fs-a8s reciever to turn on when plugged into my PC, some of my other drones dont have any problems delivering voltage to the reciever when plugged in via usb cable.

My reciever is soldered to the fc via the 5v and i am using the spektrum S pad as my uart

Try to power the FC with an external Power source like a Battery abd not only the USB Cable

not all FC’s can power the there RX from the USB port

You could maybe
Find the POS pin on the USB and extend it over to the RX POS pin
and do NEG to NEG as well.

It might work or it might kill something the USB ports on your computer or even your computer.

Yeah both are options but best would be to power the Rx via another power source as sometimes usb can’t provide enough power for FC and reciever which is why some FC dont support that.