How about a quad that can fly for 4 hours ⏳?

The drone manufacturer Quaternium claims to have set the record for longest drone flight of a self-powered multicopter. The European company flew its HYBRiX.20 fuel-electric quadcopter for four hours and 40 minutes in late December. It released a video of the time lapse. The flight surpassed times set by any hybrid, electric or hydrogen powered multicopter, the company said. Quaternium built the first HYBRiX.20 RPA model in 2015

Would be nice if we can buy it as a Race Drone :smiley:

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Make no sense! Who wants fly a quad so long time?

I agree if you spent a solid 4 hours manually flying FPV it would be abit much, but longer than 10 min we currently get per battery would be nice… but for commercial applications flying for longer is what everyone aims for…

For instance some commercial applications that would benefit from longer flight times:

  • Security, you can stay in the air longer to monitor situations
  • Mapping, you can map larger areas in a single flight
  • Delivery, you can fly further away to make deliveries