Help using Multiprotocol TX Module

Hello to you, yesterday I got, after a short shipping time, my EACHINE E010 together with this multiprotocol TX Module.
After programming my Taranis FrSky X9D+ and changing into external model use, I can’t see this green LED light on the top of the modul. By trying to bind the E010 and the Taranis (the position of the stick I’ve taken by instruction) - no communication.

I tested an other model for MULTIPLEX M-LINK (everything okay) - so there is no electric problem between Taranis and socket. I checked the socket. Between + and - result: 10,0 Volt.

Is there someone who has the same problem? or knows how to find a problem?



Do you get any LED showing on the module when you plug it in and turn on your taranis? If you are not getting any LED then either its not plugged in correctly or the module it damamged and you should try contact the seller to get that fixed.

The official procedure is outlined by the github project page

  • Create a model in OpenTX using external module in PPM mode, 12 channels and TAER sequence order.
  • Turn off Taranis.
  • Power up quad.
  • While holding the appropriate stick pattern listed below, power up Taranis.
  • Arm quad based on it’s firmware’s specification.