Help Needed: USB BEC Fault on Naked GoPro11 Flywoo

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’m having an issue with my Naked GoPro11 Flywoo. Both the base and the screen are confirmed to be V2.1.

Fault Description: I’m encountering a USB BEC Fault Screen.

Troubleshooting Steps: I’ve tried various troubleshooting methods, but it doesn’t seem to work, the screen gets power, but thats it:

Is it possible to get a replacement for this item? Or do you have any further advice or suggestions to resolve this issue?

Could you please check if the screen and GoPro are pressed tightly together and show the status below? Can you take a picture for me to see? Thank you.


Please take a look at the pictures below for reference:

  1. The first picture shows the Naked GoPro11 with the screen attached.

  2. The second picture shows the same case and screen with a GoPro12, where everything works fine. However, the screen from the GoPro11 doesn’t work, even with the Naked GoPro12.

  3. The third picture illustrates how everything is connected, in exactly the same way as it was with the Naked GoPro12.

  4. The last picture indicates where I believe the issue with the USB BEC might be.

I hope this clarifies things! :slightly_smiling_face:

FlyWoo have suggested that this issue is known to them and is commonly found in the DIY version where two cables are not plugged in securely. I’ve attached the image they provided to show the location of the connections.

It looks like a DIY version. Can you check if the two cables are plugged in tightly? This is inside the GoPro