Gyro for Omnibus F4 Pro Corner

Anyone know where I can get a new gyro for the pro corner in the uk, damaged the ribbon cable on mine.

We can get them for you, just send us an email via our website and we can probably sort it out for you

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E-mailed and Cameron tells me that you can’t currently supply these :frowning:

We can, but @UnmannedCam may not know that yet as he only started with us recently (and he doesn’t do the stock ordering). What is your ticket number and I can get back to you with the prices. Or I can get back here on the forums and you can email your address if you want to go ahead. I am not in the office so can’t get the pricing details for you right now :frowning:

Just wanted to apologise for my mistake here, I wasn’t aware we were able to get hold of them as per Alex’s reply! I hold my hands up to this one!

No worries, I sent a message to Alex with my e-mail address, could you let me know how I go about getting a spare. Should I fill out another query on the shop?