Gluing drone frame together?

Hey there,

I’m about to start my first 250 class racing drone. I have a fairly substantial experience working with carbon fiber, but, am wondering if there is any reason not to glue portions of the frame together. I can see not gluing the replaceable arms and top plate together, but, the rest seems like it might be a good idea. Any thoughts/experience on this?

I have not glued much CD together but I don’t see why not as I know some defend adhesives have impressive sticking ability. The only issue is that over some time the crashes and vibrations could cause the bond to weaken. But if you willing to play around with that I will be very interested to hear your results.

Happy Christmas btw :christmas_tree:

Thank you for your response. I have searched for info on this all over, but, am surprised to find absolutely no information.
I have not used ‘Defend’ adhesives before. Carbon fiber is typically made and bonded with epoxy. Another product that loves CF is Plexus acrylic adhesive.
I would likely use epoxy and bridge critical connections with another piece of CF fabric. The chances of weakening connections should be eliminated this way.
Since having started my interest in building a racer, I’ve seen several frame items I’d like to experiment with. I think I may have some good opportunity to “improve” current strength and weight standards.
I will definitely post experiments and results here for anyone interested.

   Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to you as well!,  Byron