Experi-MENTAL Cardboard Drone!

Not sure how to make a build log…

Aight, here goes nothing!!

So I have been gathering my parts for my drone. I decided that I should not get carbon fiber because I don’t want to (?) Figured I’ll just use cardboard!

I’m quite a fan of building stuff from cardboard. If you were to take a look at my workspace in the Robotics lab at my school, you will see a bunch of paper-related storage units. I find it a cheap and fun way to store things.

Anyway, I got some parts at a local hobby shop, as well as some from a friend who does a bit of FPV racing. Everything a drone needs, basically. For my flight controller, I used an Arduino I had lying around my house, then I coded it (you can find it here).

Imagine a normal 450 drone, but with cardboard! That’s basically what this is! I’ll have a capture card for FPV, along with VRX and VTX. I’ll put y phone in and voilà! FPV!!!

I am at the stage of building it, and I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions/criticism, positve or negative.

I’ll post some pics and videos when I can…


Would be nice to see some pics!
I’ve build a 3D plane (called SPUD, if I remember correctly). using ‘plastic corrugated board’ (same thing signboards are made that the estate agents use). Had lots of fun.
Thinking of doing the same for a quad. Just for fun.