S500 Quadcopter Frame

Hi Guys,

I am looking at building a drone, and wanted to use the S500 Quadcopter Frame, but haven’t done this before so really not sure what I need.

I am looking at mounting a GoPro for video / pictures but will mainly use it as a hobby.

Is there anyone that could advise me on what I need to build my own drone, using this frame?

Not looking for it to be super expensive, but a reasonable finished drone would be great.

Thanks in advance.


I suggest you consider reading this book that I can recommend (since I wrote it) as it covers all the basics and also has a few build guides inside you can follow.

If you have any specific questions as you go along many of us here will be happy to help. It’s just hard to answer an open ended question as there are literally hundreds of components and reasons for using each one

… … an excellent stocking filler for all RC hobbyists :grinning: