Full colour 3D printer on a single extruder - M3D Crane

Maybe not new in the 3D printing world, but M3D have released a colour 3d FDM printer at a relatively affordable price. Other printers either have multiple extruders, or can change fillament but the crane blends the colours together to give you infinite colour options which is very cool.

That’s all fine and well, but hopefully they will also include some software to make setting up the colours on the 3d print abit easier.

Below is a video talking about the printer, and they are taking pre orders on their website https://store.printm3d.com/

When will unmannedtech have it in stock ? :heart_eyes: :smile:

Probably never… as its not our current focus

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I’m willing to bet that the hot-end will cost a fortune to replace if it gets blocked :joy:

Yeah, they are selling them separately, starting at about $199

199!? Give it 6 months, there will be a chinese clone available :wink:

Haha true… but ultimately although this is a cool idea in reality it will be a massive pain to get it working as usually when you use multi-colour prints you need to export each colour region as a separate .STL so its more hassle than what its worth (in my opinion). But for things like tabletop gaming I can see this being useful.


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