FS-i6 RX battery status

Hey guys,
So I noticed after a few flights I did with my drone that the RX battery status in my FS-i6 transmitter doesn’t change, its stuck in 3/4 of the battery meter, is it supposed to be like that? there is something I can do or I didn’t do? my vbatt are connected and I see the battery voltage in betaflight, my FC is SPF3 and my PDB is MATEK XT-60, thank you.

It won’t change as it’s getting a reading from the voltage supplied by your FC.

The ExtV2 value will however show you the actual battery voltage if you have X6B receiver as it allows battery telemetry to be sent to your i6.

I have Turnigy FS-ia6c reciever

Ok, so the B-Det port will give you voltage telemetry of your flight battery which will show as ExtV2 on your radio.

The Voltage of the FC will not change as this is being supplied a constant voltage (presumably from your PDB or a BEC) regardless of the actual battery voltage, and this is passed on to power your iA6C.

I’m sorry but I didn’t understand you, the ExtV2 in my remote is 0

Yay you finally got your drone to fly

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The reason ExtV2 shows 0 is because B-Det is not hooked up

The video is on the way!

B-Det? could you explain more what is it and how do I connect it and where?
Edit: after a quick check in the internet I found where it is, but I already connected the vBatt from my SPF3 to the battery leads to get voltage in BF, can I just take these wires and connect them straight to my B-Det connector in the reciever? or I need to make another connection?
I’m using this video

What are the settings that I should change in my FS-i6 controller in order to get true calls for my 3cell battery?

After finding the manual, it appears B-Det is just an alternative port to power the receiver.

Actually I think he says the opposite in the video

Someone maybe knows the answer?
if I can use my cable that is connected to my vBatt, then dissconnect it and connect it to the B-Det?
I want to know before I open my drone if someone knows already the answer.
Also what are the values I need to put in the FS-i6 battery RX in order to get the right status Low,Alarm,High?

Have a watch of this…

He connects B-Det directly to his lipo… vBat on the FC should have the same effect.

Accidently connected + to - and ofc sparks in the air, seems that only the reciever got damaged,I check the motors and the FC movement in BF, anything else I should check?
Ordered a new reciever btw.


We have all done it…
Come back to us when you ready to try again.

Hey guys,
I replaced one bad motor I had and noticed a big difference now in the noise between the new motor (number 3), to the old motors, they all seem to work fine when I do a test in the BF, but when I test only motor 3 its sounds smooth and quiet, and the other 3 more noisy and has a sounds of some small cracks in them or something, is it okay? sign for any problem? maybe I should replace all other 3 motors or wait for a test flight to see?
No bad smells from the motors.

Usually with older/cheaper motors they have poor bearings in them so my guess is that is what is making the sound. They are usually fine to use if you don’t mind the sound. The only issue is that over time it will get worse and eventually start causing excessive vibrations at which point you will need to replace them. But there is also no harm in replacing them early if you want to do that!

Other things to check are for dirt in your motors (you can remove the bell housing to have a look/clean them. The other thing is to make sure the props are on securely, as sometime of not they can slip and cause a squeaky/whining sound when you fly.

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