FS-IA6B Battery voltage

Hey guys,
I’m back with my second drone build after you guys helped me last time, everything is running smooth.
I have a question, this time I bought FS-IA6B reciever for my drone, can I have a battery voltage in the remote? its Flysky FS-I6.
Last time I had Turnigy IA6C and I used the B Dett connection to do it.
Adding photos for teasing:

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Im sure there is not much explanation needed:



(FlySky / Turnigy iA6 (and iA6B) voltage telemetry mod - RC Groups)

There are much more out there but if you need them, im sure you will find them :wink:

I’ll try to look into this im not so fluent in the FPV building stuff, would you suggest maybe buying a different reciever with vbatt? (maybe if you know with international shipping like aliexpress or banggood).
I dont want to add this sensor cus im not sure where I can fit this in.
And the UK item is not so relevent for me, so only this mod would be helpful and ill check it out.

connect ibus sens to a spare uart tx, enable ibus telemetry on that uart