FS-A8S channel problem on Jumper T12

Hi all, I have a FS-A8S receiver and I connected it to the matek f722. In the betaflight, all the roll throttle pitch yaw works. However, non of the flip switches don’t work. I assigned them but don’t show it in betaflight. When I move the sticks it work but non of the other buttons.
Radio - Jumper t12
receiver FS-A8S (connected via ibus)
FC - matek f722
Another problem is evern though sticks has movement in betaflight, motors dont move. I disconnected usb and tried but don’t work.
Also when I try the motors tab in betaflight, it spins the motors…

Please help. Thanks

I just went through some stuff and it looked like I need to add the flip switches to the mixer settings in the jumper t12. Then it showed in beta flight. Then i figured out that unless there is no arm switch, it won’t make motors spin. Damn that took all day. Finally figured it out 5mins ofter posting this :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to hear you figured it all out on your own, and also thanks for letting us know the solution as I am sure other people will find it helpful. I marked your second post as the solution :slight_smile:

does anyone know what is osd tab in betaflight? where does that osd show? radio?
When I connect my FS-A8S it doesnt show battery level or things like that on my radio(jumper t12). Anyone know how to do those?
I’m using a matek f722 and how do I flight info on my fpv cam? I wonder if these have anything to do with it.

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