FPV Connectors (SMA and RP-SMA)

If you are buying a new antenna or transmitter/receiver for your next FPV product you might get a bit confused as to what type of connector you will need. All of your FPV related products have images of the connectors to make this clear but if you are not sure just ask! As you dont want to buy a new transmitter that is incompatible with your fancy cloverleaf FPV antennas that you already have. In general most of the newer FPV gear comes with RP-SMA connectors.

My advice is to first look at the photos of the connector before you buy something as often websites have the wrong description of connectors. Some of the suppliers we buy stuff from sometimes follow their own naming convention, such as calling RP-SMA plugs SMA female connectors on the labels :confused:?

Here is a simple diagram to explain the difference between SMA and RP-SMA connectors.

And if you want to watch a video explination here is gear video from RCmodelreviews