FPV Antenna Fundamentals

I was asked the other day if the circular polarized antennas are worth getting and I remembered this great video I found a while ago and figured it would be useful to share! Its a very nice illustration about how the various antennas work so you can choose the best one for your application, whether its for FPV or telemetry!

Here’s a video i did to illustrate some of the fundamentals of Antenna configs, looking at gain, patterns, diversity setups and polarization principles.
This is NOT an MIT tutorial or whitepaper, it is simply a video that was produced to help non-technical people to understand and visualise some of the princples of some of the antenna configs we use for FPV.


A very useful video for newcomers to this area who are unsure of what antenna to choose, and also good explanation of some of the jargon; I would highly recommend this video.

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