Flight Modes of EMAX TinyHawk II Freestyle FPV Drone

Hey Drone Enthusiasts,

We recently had an enlightening interaction with a customer that shed light on the nuances of drone flight modes, especially when transitioning from a novice to an adept pilot. We thought it’d be beneficial to share this dialogue, highlighting the questions posed and the solutions provided. This post aims to offer clarity to both newcomers and seasoned drone operators on the matter. So, let’s delve into the discussion.

Customer’s Query:

A concerned parent reached out regarding the EMAX :eagle: TinyHawk II Freestyle FPV Drone (RTF Bundle) purchased by her 13-year-old son, William. Despite the initial excitement, William found it challenging to control the drone, which veered right upon takeoff. They suspected it needed trimming. They sought guidance to overcome this hurdle and make the flight experience enjoyable for William.

Our Response:

We explained that the TinyHawk II is primarily designed for “Manual” or “Acro” (Acrobatic) mode, making it quite challenging for beginners due to its unassisted flight characteristics. However, we highlighted two beginner-friendly modes: “Horizon” and “Angle” modes. In Horizon mode, the drone returns to level after a stick input, while Angle mode limits the drone’s deflection from level to a set angle.

We recommended using the Betaflight configurator tool to switch to these modes, providing links for Windows and macOS downloads:

The Modes tab within Betaflight allows assigning various actions to the radio switches. By adding a range to “Angle” or “Horizon” modes and setting the appropriate channel, one can activate these modes.

Additionally, if the drone still drifts, recalibrating the accelerometer in Betaflight under the “Setup” tab is a quick fix. It’s essential to place the drone on a level surface when doing this and whenever powering it on.

For individuals interested in progressing, we mentioned transitioning from Angle to Horizon, and finally, Acro mode, and suggested the Liftoff simulator for risk-free manual flight mode practice:

We believe this exchange presents a learning curve that many might face. It’s essential to understand the drone’s capabilities and the tools available for a tailored flight experience.

What have been your experiences in transitioning between different flight modes? Do you have any additional tips for those struggling with the initial learning phase?

We hope this conversation sheds light on some common challenges and the pathways to overcoming them. Happy droning!