First Flight Up Our Mountain!

Hey Guys,
I’ve been building a few drones this year with the goal of creating a medium/long range mountain surfer and exploration machine, with some freestyle abilities of course.

Here’s a video of my first Mountain flight, pretty exciting milestone, range and signal were all pretty good, except when I got behind the mountain of course! When I started this project I could barely get beyond 500m without lost video or failsafe crashes… So i’m pretty happy with the current setup.

I can talk more about my lessons learned, but here are details about my setup;
5" Drone Setup Details

  • Flight Controller: Matek F405-CTR
  • VTX: Matek Mini 800mw
  • GPS Module: iFlight GPS Modul
  • Motors: XING-E 2306 2450KV
  • ESC: Aikon AK32 35A 2-4S BlHeli32
  • Propellers: HQ Ethix S5 5x4x3
  • FPV Camera: Some old Eachine; need to upgrade this…
  • Radio Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano RX
  • Receiver Antenna: TBS Crossfire Immortal T V2 Antenna
  • VTX Antenna: SpiroNET Omni – 5.8GHz CP Antenna


  • Fatshark HDO with Crossfire Receiver
  • Foxeer Micro Lollipop 3 CP
  • SpiroNET 5.8GHz 13dB Patch


  • FRSKY Taranis X9D Plus with TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2


Pretty good mate. I do some quad long range too (mostly on 7 inch). I always struggle to find mountains here in UK, where you been flying?

Hey thanks! I see a 7” build in my future. A few years ago I moved to Norway and this place is just perfect for RC Planes and Drones.

As you see in the video there are many mountains right outside our house, and I’ve dreamed of flying the snowy peaks. Hence this drone building hobby!

Two days it snowed here, here’s a quick video showing some “snowy” practice highlights.