Feiyu MiNi 3D Pro gimbal questions


I’ve just ordered a Feiyu 3D Mini Pro gimbal from UnmannedTech and had a couple of questions if anybody might know the answers:

I don’t have a spare channel to use the mode switch in flight (will only use one mode anyway) and there isn’t a GUI listed in the Feiyu download section for this gimbal so would the GUI for the earlier 3D Mini likely work so I can set the mode and maybe do some tuning if needed?

As I’m not connecting the mode wire which had the ground, should I also connect this ground to the tilt channel which is what I will be connecting to the rx?



​The default mode is follow the yaw, and lock the roll and tilt axis, so you can manually control the pitch of your camera. So if you dont have a spare channel setup to control the mode it will work just like the DJI phantom gimbal. I find that this is ideal for most multirotor setups as it will keep the roll and yaw smooth and stable and you can control the yaw angle by just rotating your quadcopter. The pitch can then be controlled via a spare channel on your R/C controller.

​Yes you will need to connect the ground wire to use control the tilt channel or else it will not work.

If you have any other questions please let me know.