Falcon 250, stock camer

Hello guys,

I got my Falcon 250 Pro with default camer, and I notice that camera lens could be rotated, and I even could replace lens with better one (bigger angle) but question is about focus distance, please asses following assumptions:

There is no autofocus in fpv cameras?
By gently rotating lenses on stock camera I could configure best (for me) distance strict image?
If I will think about new fpv camer, what are top 3 you could recommend?

You are correct, most fpv cameras are manual focus only so it’s something you need to adjust when changing the lens.

As for good fpv cameras, anything based on hs1177 is good. We sell a basic hs1177 on our shot that works great. We also.sell a bunch of runcam swift cameras based on hs1177 too that are better as the camera firmware is optimised abit more. The newest swift 2 also has a built in OSD so you can view battery voltage.