Fairy ESC's won't calibrate on cleanflight

Hi guys and gals

Im new to the drone world and have bought a Eachine Falcon 180 and updated to the most recent cleanflight, ive followed instructions online in regards to PIDs and i think it went fine, however i don’t think the ESC calibrating is working because the motors spin at different speeds when pushed the full thottle on the transmitter motor 1+4 are at 50% 3 is at 100% and 2 is at 80% also sometimes a couple of the motors will gradually lose power and drop back down to min throttle.
When calibrating after pushing the master up and connecting the battery the ESCs beep but they don’t stop i let them beep for nearly 5 mins thinking it would sort itself out but nothing.

If anyone has any ideas id be most greatfull as the Eachines don’t have manuals

Have you tried calibrating the ESC’s individually direct from the RX channel 3?

I haven’t done that yet but someone told me to try that about an hour so I will try, however what is rx channel 3? Is that the receiver on the drone where all the numbers are? I was gonna do the calibrating process on clean flight as before but one by one

Thanks for ur help

Channel 3 is the throttle
By connecting ESC to the receiver directly and using the throttle stick on the transmitter you can calibrate max and min throttle points without anything else influencing.
There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing the process
Steve :grinning:

Ok thanks I’ll give that a go