EasyDrone - APM powered RTF drone

There seems to be a new kickstarter drone every couple weeks so I dont always share them ehre, but this one I kind of liked because of its relatively novel central frame design being part of the arms as shown below which makes for a light and strong frame.

I think the way the central box attached onto the arms via bullet connectors is also quite cool, although I am slightly skeptical on how well this will work, and how secure it is… you don’t want the thing flying off your quadcopter mid flight!

Overall it seems like a nice package that will bundle FPV and telemetry too and worth a look, although the $900 price tag for a RTF version seems slightly on the steep side when comparing to something like the IRIS which uses Pixhawk, but the easy drone uses an APM2.6. Right now pixhawk and APM2.6 are very similar but in a couple months I expect pixhawk firmware build to start adding more noticable features/improvements over the 8bit APM2.6 board. But the IRIS cant disable easily for storage and transport.

Here is the video below