Drone display light

Hello everybody
I want to build many drones to display light.
What are the components needed to build?
What method will we use to connect them so that we can synchronize control?
please help me

If you are a complete newbie maybe start off with building one drone that is capable of flying.
Then you can work on building more and connecting them with each other.

When starting you can decide if you want to build your Drone with “normal Drone parts” like a Betaflight FC or if you want to build it with parts like a rasperry pie and arduino. (Tbh i dont know what )
The first one is easier to get running but the second one is easier when it comes to connecting multiple drones.
(It would probably be easier to connect all Drones to your Computer and program something like a 3D Array where you set the postion and color for each Drone.(4D would probably make even more sense. (1-3D for moving and 4D for the colorcode)) Then write a program that takes a color animation input and converts it into the values that you need for the actual flight program.)

If you are looking for an cheap option with not much work grab some wifi controllable drones and mount LEDs on them.

Please see:

I will have to know what you already tried, what you know about Drones, what you know about programming, what your budget is and so on. Would help me a lot to help you better :wink:

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You mean you want to do something like this? https://www.droneshowsoftware.com/

but i just control 3-4 drones

Google is your friend: Swarming with Solos and ROS - Blogs - diydrones
Ground Control will do basic swarming which might suit your needs or you can use ROS to control the drones.
GroundControl maybe your first option unless you’re already an expert in robotics and using ROS.
Good luck though and please let us know how you get on.