Dji model dj6 controller wiring help

Hello. Im new to the site. Searching for some answers. I got a used dji phantom 2 vision. It was set up for mode 1. I have tried many times to connect to software, all failed. To change to mode 2, I swapped joysticks only to find it corrected only the throttle and foward/back movements on each stick. The rotational and the right/ left is backward. Can I swap 2 of the 3 wires leading to those pot switches only to gain correct inputs?

Im not too familiar with dji but with 10 seconds of googeling i found following Video:

It is from mode 2 to mode one but im sure you can do that :wink:

Thanks for your reply, I did watch that and several others. Is where I got my idea to swap stick controls around. After joining this site yesterday, I researched how the pots work and decided to chance reversing the two outside wires by removing them from the pin connectors then relocating. After putting the back on the controller I head to my fly area and wala, it worked perfectly.

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