DJI FPV Controller/Radio Advice (change mode 1 and 2)

Found a great deal on a black Monday over the holidays, on a package deal for DJI air unit X2, goggles and controller, plus rtf MegaBee from Iflight. Sat for a couple months due to weather and family emergency, got it out today to set up, controller is Mode 1!! Unfortunately was a 3rd party sale, vendor was very nice, but doesn’t usually sell DJI products, so no possible swap. Can’t switch to mode 2 in software, DJI sells them either Mode 1 or 2, period. Found tutorial on youtube how to switch modes, but involves taking apart controller and switching gimbals. Taken apart many regular radios, never a DJI.

What do you think, do it myself, or contact DJI and wait however long for possible switch. OR Scour buy/sell/trade sites looking for a trade? Thanks for any input!

We can not make the decision for you!
If you feel comfortable to change the modes do it but if you dont then dont. :slight_smile:

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If you have taken a radio apart then the DJI radio will not be much different. It’s just a tension spring that you need to swap sides in your radio.

The only risk is that it you break something while swapping modes it is not covered under warranty. If you are not comfortable we can arrange that for you.

Before using the remote controller:

  1. Power on the goggles;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Open the Remote Controller Settings;
  4. Select Stick Mode;
  5. Choose stick mode (Mode 1 or Mode 2).

Remember to select the stick mode that is consistent with the version of the RC you plan on using.

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