DIY quadcopter for $250

Greeting from Taiwan.
I’m doing a project of quadcopter which able to load and unload and fly over 7th floors building.
My prof’ will sponsor me NT$8000(nearly USD$250), is it possible to diy such a quadcopter within this budget?
Thanks you.

Hi, it is definitely possible to build a quadcopter for that price. For example, check out our ZMR 250 kit that is a basic kit mainly for beginners that falls well within that budget. We also have a guide article for this build as well as a video. However, if you need something bigger to carry heavy payloads you will need to spend more money to use bigger motors, batteries and propellers.

Hope this helps.

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That’s indeed possible. Have a look at Pi0drone: A $200 Smart Drone with the Pi Zero - to get some inspiration.