Diatone Products

I see you have a number of diatone products but was wondering if you plan to stock the following



I see you know have the F3S AIO from airbot and was thinking the diatone 190 crusader frame would be a good fit I’m looking at as my next build.

Hey, yes we do have those items sitting here and just aatter of getting them added to the website. Sam is away on vacation so I am running the shop and answering support queries and reordering stock etc… also while trying to finish another project for a client by the end of Monday, so not much spare time to get stuff added this week. But should get the new diatone stuff added on Monday evening, but if you want a crusader 190 frame just send an email and I can make a manual order for you quick.

I know that feeling, I’m away for a couple of weeks so no rush but will definitely put an order in when I’m back. Do you think you will have the stackable diatone Vtxs as well?