Day light 4K zoom camera for power line inspection

The Sky Eye-25HZ is a ruggedized, high-performance 25X electro-optical zoom camera payload designed for demanding applications that require high quality and precise images, like inspection for building, power lines, tower, pipelines etc. High-performance 3-axis gimbal is using advanced FOC(field-oriented control) motor control technology which will enable you to get a 0.01-degree incredible precise control, so the gimbal will give you crystal clear and stable video footage.

  1. 782grams, light weight
  2. 1/2.3 inch 8.29MP CMOS sensor
  3. 25X zoom capability, 1080P/60 HDMI output for video downlink
  4. Still image resolution: 25.9 Megapixels
  5. 4K video recorded for on-board TF card

Click Here to review the original picture for power line inspection: