Connex prosight hd



Finally bit the bullet and splashed the cash…Installation is relatively easy, but finding out technical info is proving exhausting…I’m trying to link my Naze 32 board to the prosight unit in order to see flight data…

I’ve received an email from the manufacturer which labels the linking cable as Ground, Transmit and Receive…They don’t however give any details as to which pinouts I need to connect to…There are a series of commands to change in the gui. I’m just reluctant to link the board until I’m sure of the pin location…

If anyone has any knoledge of the prosight unit I’d be very grateful for a heads up…

Also if anyone is wondering if its worth the cash, I’m more than willing to let you have a go for yourself.


I do not own the connex prosight myself so cant be too much help, but I do know you get a naze flight controller cable, although I am not sure about the pinout, but that wil need to connect to one of the spare hardware UART ports on your cleanflight FC (does not have to be naze32).

Then within cleanflight you will need to enable MAVlink telemetry on that UART port and set the baud rate to 57600 that the connex prosight is connected to. Then within the connex settings you can choose what info to display on the OSD overlay.

If you get it working it would be great if you can let us all know what you did should someone else have a similar issue!