Connecting an Ublox M8N to an Arduino

I’m interested in connecting an Ublox M8N to an Arduino and getting data from it.

Has anybody else done this? What library did you use?

Concerning one very basic issue, the unit sold by Unmanned has a couple of connectors coming out of it to connect to a PixHawk or APM. I don’t think it has anything to connect to an Arduino. I would prefer not to cut these connectors off, so can anybody advise me what they are and where I can buy a socket to plug one of them into? I can then run wires from that to the Arduino.


Hey, the GPS module we sell has both the GPS and a compass sensor on it, designed to connect with pixhawk systems so it does not just plug into Arduino. But you can use it with Arduino. The GPS needs to go to the UART port on your Arduino and if you need to use the compass that goes to the i2c port. The unit needs to be posted by 5v

If you need the pinout, just remove the plastic case of the GPS and the pins are labelled on the PCB.

If you need more help just let me know