Connect the ardunio uno to Ap planner

I have Done my Quadcopter using the Arduino Uno as flight controller… for the first test the drones flips and after reversing the motor direction the drone stopped flipping but the vibrations increased and it does not take off from the ground. i am using DJI F450 frame . can i connect the Arduino to the APM and set the PID from it ?

What motors and ESC are you using, as the default PID should not be so bad that the drone is unflyable. Perhaps you should also make sure you balance your props and try mount your APM using foam to reduce vibrations. Otherwise have you installed APM mission planner?

Also you say you are using arduino UNO as your FC? Is that a custom build autopilot?

I am using simonk 30A esc and Emax motors,
Yes i have installed the APM mission planner
for the FC i am using the arduino uno as a custom bulid autopilot.