ChickadeeTech Polystack (flight controller system)

A while ago i reccieved a Polystack F3 starter kit from Scott at ChickadeeTech
here is what you get in the kit.

not the most fancy looking packageing but who cares? it´s what´s inside that matters, hehe

opening it up here is what is in each bag:

after looking at everything i were really impressed. the quality and the thoughts that went in to all these boards are amazing!

they work like this, you first put your PDB on your copter (scott is working on a custom PDB just for the Polystack)
then you solder 2 wires from the pdb to the “power board” of the stack, after that you put the FC and they match up perfectly, they connect via a small contact intergrated on the board. the rest of the boards have a bigger type of contact. now you can just keep stacking all boards you want. (height beeing the biggest problem, you can stack up to 8 boards on top off each other.

You can read more on the specs of the F3FCon chickadee¨s homepage but some of the biggest tumbs up is that there are 5 hardware serial port (UART) available. Normally on other F3FC´s there are only 3, the Gyro is a MPU6000 wich is “the best” gyro ATM.
when you are done building your quad you gonna need to plug it in to a computer, this board runs on betaflight 3.0.
when you connect the stack it sense what mods you have in the stack and automaticly configure everything foryou! except you need to arange the channel order, it might be different on your transmitter.

here i´ve got some pictures of the Polystack system: (could only post 2 pics)

ive also got a video off me doing maiden with 60 degrees of tilt on stock pids with this beauty:

Here is a link to Chickadeetech

i really like this concept and think that if it gets enough attention it will go a long way! no doubt!

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That is a neat looking modular flight stack system, I realy like the modular approach in some situations. However I do think they are abit on the pricey side when you compare this to something like the omnibus F3 (or soon omnibus F4) which has OSD and SD card built into one board for about half the price.

I agree… it is kkind pricy but you have to give scott some credit fot this awesome design and hours nd hhour of developing… it is manageable i could say :slight_smile: