Cheap stand alone OSD with GPS for fixed wing plane (Bixler)

Hi there, I’m looking for a cheap osd system and GPS to fix to a bixler glider, what can you recommend, also, I would want the orientation arrows from the GPS rather than co-ordinates, is this request do-able?

I assume you dont already have a flight controller? If so then we dont currently sell a stand alone OSD system, as all of ours get info from the flight controller.

We do sell a relatively cheap autopilot kit that can do that here and it includes a OSD and GPS. - APM2.8 Autopilot Kit - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop You also have the option to add an airspeed sensor, but that is optional, as you get still get ground speed from GPS.

Otherwise I did a quick search on ebay and this is a kit we used to sell that worked well. But we stopped selling it due to the fact that 99% of our customers use flight controllers so having a stand alone system did not sell particularly well.