Can't Bind X9D Transmitter to X8R Receiver

I’ve been unsuccessful binding this transmitter/receiver combo. I’ve updated the firmware in the X9D to 2.1.9 and the X8R to version 151118 (both LBT). I put the receiver in the bind mode by depressing the f/s switch and powering it up…I get the solid red&green led. I select a model on the transmitter, make sure its in D16 mode, 8 channels and select “bind”. I hear the beep confirming its trying to bind, but the receiver doesn’t respond.
I’m thinking I have a bad transmitter or receiver. Is there a simple way to test them?

Try putting the Taranis intot bind mode before powering the receiver.Never failed for me.

Yep, you need to put the transmitter into bind mode first so it’s beeping, then press the switch on the receiver and supply power to the receiver.

Hi did you ever sort it having exactly same problem tried every thing it was fine before I upgraded firmware

I have had problems with that binding. I don’t remember which way round it was, but I had to change D8 to D16 or vice versa. Have had problems more than once but this change did allow a bind each time.

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