Can a Lipo be rescued?


Morning all

I ordered a new battery from amazon, Tattu 1800 75c 3s, which i’ve ordered previously without issue. However this new one that arrived yesterday was not detected by the charger, or by a plug-in voltage alarm. I hooked up a multimeter to the XT60 connector and it was reading 5.3v, waaaaaay less than 11.1v nominal.

Amazon have issued me with a refund for the defective battery after speaking to them about postage restrictions (especially it being defective), and told me to dispose of it myself.

My question is, can it be rescued or not? I have a SkyRC S60 balance charger, which doesn’t show any voltage on the balance lead for this battery.

If it’s going to be a danger, i’ll just discharge it to 0v and toss it.


Its not worth your home…

At that low a voltage and your charger isn’t detecting charge on you balance leads its gone.

I would just discharge it and toss it.
But save the XT60 lead and Balance lead they could come in handy at a later date :wink:


I thought as much, It is brand new so didn’t know if it was worth trying to save it. Better safe than sorry.

I’ll hook up a bulb to it to knock it down to 0v and dispose of it then.



I had a Li-Po battery for controller, As forgot to turn off the controller, finally the battery is broken, and never been rescued because of over discharge. The battery can’t recover when voltage is below the critical value.


Iam Amazon prime when it comes from Amazon broken you can send it directly back and make
the money back on gift card . So in the moment the scan the return you have the money and buy another one in 24 houers . Its very simple


It was amazon prime, but they just refunded directly without sending back as it’s classed as a defective battery, no courier will take it.