Caddx working on smaller, 20x20 mountable, rx-less, single antenna DJI-compatible Air Unit!

Hi Folks!

For a lot of people, this is unexpected (at least so soon), and totally bonkers. Digital, HD FPV - arguably the best FPV system out there at that, is taking the next necessary step.

Not only does the system seem to be available to OTHER manufacturers aside from DJI themselves, but they’re hearing our cries!

Introducing Caddx Vista, a smaller (30.5x29x13 mm) and lighter (19 grams) air unit that delivers on many people’s prayers. 20x20 mounting for convenience, and just one antenna - it seems to forgo any RX capabilities (so you’ll want your own radio link), but as far as we know, the rest is still as awesome as the original. You can expect the same latency, for example.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this until it gets sore - is this enough for you to make the analogue to digital switch?

Have a good one, all!

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NewBeeDrone folks got one to test and they said on the live stream (it was on Instagram so no more link) it has DJI RX built in, just no DVR and is limited to 600mw. I’m a bit concerned about single antenna, but it will probably be fine for micros. More excited about what this means for the hobby in general if DJI HD is open to other manufacturers :slight_smile:

Caddx have just told me they will start shipping the Vista units shortly and said the retail price will be $139 including the DJI Camera and antenna. So slightly cheaper than the full size DJI Air unit combo.

Will update this post with full specs when we get them, along the some links to where you can buy some (yes we will get some in our shop too)

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Here is a demo video showing the unit in action :slight_smile:

We should get our units next week:

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