Bye Bye Motor (but why)

So two of my Mr Copper motors went pop yesterday (see photo - fooked motors on left hand side)

I’m guessing these are two fooked motor (will turn but very stiff). Cause - I’m thinking running it on 6S might have been the issue.

The frame on the other hand; no damage :slight_smile:

Just wondered if anyone had any other thoughts on anything else that could have caused the damage?

looks to me like the magnetic ring has slipped down not easy to tell from the picture.

Could be just motor failure… were they getting hot on 6S ? heat might cause the metal to expand and slip? ( Just a guess )

By the way… Nice frame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Checked the other two, and they’re not smooth turning either, so it was an excuse to go and buy 4xTheFPV motors and stick them on that very nice frame you mention :smiley:

Have considered the issue of ESC?