ButterFlight 🦋 - Yes another FPV firmware to choose from

I recently shared an article that covers all of the major flight control projects. But I have come across yet another one… butterflight… as in butter… and butterfly. The key differentiation here, is that the flight control loops run on a kalman filter. Betaflight uses what they call a biquad filter+ FIR filter. Is it any better… not realy (in my opinion)… I think people who say it does could just be because butterflight has a better stock tune… but then again maybe that is reason enough to use it?

The official website is at butterflight.co but you can download it at the github page:

it is a fork of betaflight so has a solid foundation. But the story goes that Kalyn Doerr, a raceflight developer added a kalman filter for betaflight… making loads of people happy at betaflight as now you could choose between the betaflight biquad filter, and kalyn kalman filter. But due to release schedule the betaflight developers decided not to inlude te kalman filter option, I think this is largely due to the extra computational overhead and flght controller support headache, since betaflight runs on hundreds of boards. Others saw this as a slap to Kalyns face… Joshua bardwell does a nice job at explaining and also comparing the two…

At the end of the day, I wish this sort of drama would not happen… imagine how good it could be if everyone contributed to a since project… but then again too many cooks situation could happen… :woman_cook:

What do you think… excited about another project,… or will you just stick with betaflight for now?

I think firmware is all about the feel and how much effort your prepared to put into tuning it.
All the different firmware’s do the same at the end of the day and they get you in the air.

But its there difference is configuration, flight characteristics and the filtering used that makes them different and gives them that different feel.

I’m running BF 3.3.0 with the new Stage 2 filters enabled.
Personally I wont we swapping to ButterFlight.

Shameless 90 second YouTube video linked below of me just throwing my quad around feeling it out.

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I agree, have not messed around much with bf 3.3 but with each version the stock tune is getting so good that most people don’t ever bother xhanching it… I remember in the early days (just a few years ago) a quad was barely flyable with the stock settings!

And that tune does look pretty solid, is that your doomed frame with emax litespec motors?

But good thing is there are now even more options for us to choose from… but makes it abit more confusing for abeginner! Betaflight devs just need to get around to adding a setup wizard!

Yeah its is. not forgetting the Chaos 30amp ESCs

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