Build/Specs Questions from a Newb

Hey guys,

So I found out about FPV and quad flying the other day and there is ample information available, but making sense of it and applying it to a build is proving to be difficult so some help would be much appreciated.

Zero quad experience, great with my Blade MCX2 coaxial though (:
I want either a quad or hex that wont be too difficult to build
I have a GoPro Hero 4 so getting some HD shots would be a huge plus
Id prefer something smaller as Id like to attempt flying indoors at some point
I have zero equipment so if someone could provide suggestions for everything I would need to fly that would be awesome.
I can solder pretty well

Im really lost on the best way to spend my money with this but Ive had my eye on a Hoverthings Flip360 frame or this Hex from Hobbyking.

Thanks for whatever info or help you can provide!