Brushless motors

hi just crashed my muvi x drone, need to replace the two p motors, wires have split inside motors , cannot find any details on the motors from veho i am in the algarve , found a shop that sells dj1 2 3 motors they are 2212 9200 kv would anyone know if they use these on the muvi x the specs are the same body wise but not sure of the kv , my drone is same size as dj1 but slightly heavier , the mouting holes are the same 16 x 19 im new to this have emailed veho but it is xmas so do not expect a reply soon, seen motors on amazon and am trying to locate them in portugal but need to know the exact type thanks kevin

I am not personally familiar with that quad, but if you take off one of the motors it should have it’s model number on the side. If not might want to check the shop you purchased from for the Moto specs and then I can help suggest a motor

hi alex there is no markings at all on the motors, sent email to veho no reply , they look like dj1 motors which are 2212 or 2213 i have found a shop in portugal that will post them but they said make sure or change all motors, my muvi just fell from 40 ft for no reason broke both windings inside motors and props on the ccw sides, few cracks but all repaired now have flow it for 2 hrs alltold and was fine need to know the right kv 920 seems like what the dj1 uses but i have put hours in on the internet looking for specs on the muvi x but no joy thank kevin