Brushless gimbal for mapping suggestions

I am in a bit of a rush to get a much better Gimbal than what on my Hex (Q800). i have the cheap £30 fibreglass gopro gimbal and looking for something that I an use BOTH a gopro for video and a larger canon point and shoot like the popular but old 260. I have a 260 but if thats going to be a problem to get a decent gimbal to fit it i can get another camera (nex if must).

I am hoping you can advise on what you have that will work best for mapping (especially) and video (secondary). The existing one wont sit still. it keeps vibrating around (even when landed) or ‘waving’ back and forward.

2 axis is all i need but no problem with 3 axis. “FY G3 Ultra 3 Axis Aircraft Gimbal” looks good assuming i can alter it to carry some other camera also. Same on “3 Axis Brushless Gimbal (Sony Nex size camera)”.

If you could advise what is likely to work best/easiest id be very very grateful as i have a survey job in a few weeks and i think current Gimbal is not up to it.

Brushless gimbals in general are much weaker than the servo based options as the motors never product much torque, but are much faster for smoother video. That said there is no gimbal that can handle all cameras due to the balancing issue. I am not sure what the weight of your canon is but unless its similar weight to the gopro you will need to use a larger gimbal with it.

The Sony Nex gimbal that we sell is great but if you want to use your gopro with it you will probably need to add some weight to the gimbal in order to get it balanced properly. So if you want one gimbal for both then that’s the way to go. But this gimbal takes abit of time to tune since its not plug in and go like the FY G3.

As for your current gimbal, you might want to spend some more time as the problem could just be due to your settings not being quite right, if you dial down the P gains the vibrations should stop.