Bricked my quad. What should i do?

Hello so recently i had problems with one of my motors (bottom left) and i noticed that the factory solder was bad and the wire treads where everywhere so i decided to solder it back together after that i accidentally bridged to wires together and didn’t notice, i plugged the drone in and i heard a spark, after that my drone is indicating lights when i plug in but no motor sound. What should i do? i have a Emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle. i tried doing something with betaflight but my pc doesn’t detect that i plugged in

Where about did you bridge cause you may have killed your board as its an AIO.

The motor connector’s bridged (i solder theme badly)

Yeah I’m afraid its probably not good, I would look at getting a new AIO board.

Ouch, could happen to the best of us.
Unwanted joints can be hard to spot at times.
Whenever I’m doing solder work on my stacks, I use my smoke stopper. Could have saved your AIO. :wink: